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WebinarIcon At Web Seminars, the trainees will interact with and learn the new networking technologies. The seminars are carried out with Cisco WebEx and Webinar platforms and are focusing on Cisco and Penetration Testing topics.

Seminars to prepare you for the Cisco certifications (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE) are provided. Custom organized seminars for companies and individuals are prepared in the substance and hours, to cover the needs of the parties involved.

Labs section is covering wide range of the Cisco technologies. Discover new technologies and read the analytical solutions that are included in the LabBook’s special section. 

Moreover, there are Wireshark Labs as well as the availability to all registered users to upload their own labs.

Learn the new Penetration Testing techniques through our seminars.

Penetration testing seminars would be carried out on requests, with the proviso that individuals or companies that are interested to participate on should be registered on a specific PenTest Web Seminar.

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